How do I get to the submit page on mobile?

well, if you’re trying to submit for a manip, you can do that here. :)

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the 5sos “fandom” isn’t a fandom. We’re a family. Fandom and family are different. We’re a family. Fam[ily] - unlike the Directioner fandom. Don’t get me wrong, im a Directioner, but we’re divided into several parts: Elounor vs Larry or Sophiam vs Payzer ugh it’s horrible. But the 5sos family is the best. We’re not divided up. I don’t plan on us ever get divided up either. Please don’t split us.

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Niall and I (Kalyne) Kiall

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my edit, not my photo :)

I tore out your pictures when you painted my life red.

My edit, not my photo. (Photo saved from x.)

Darling, it was good.

My edit, not my photo.  (I saved the photo from reversemypasttogetagreatfuture.tumblr.com)

My edit, not my photo :)


Hello, so as you can see I’ve been away for a bit.  I’ve gotten 2 submissions and I will do them and get them published ASAP!  The 2 I’ve gotten are Kat’s and Crystal’s.  One for Calum and one for Harry :) I’m excited!! <3

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Photoset:  Maylor: Michael + Taylor
For Taylor

To be photoshopped with any of the 5SOS boys, click here.
If the earth ends up crumbling down to its knees then, baby, we just gotta get out...

Photo/drawing credits 1 ; credits 2


okay so you guys know how I’m SUPPOSED to get your edits done by Wednesday? WELL MY FUCKING ACCOUNT DELETED ALL THE MESSAGES YOU GUYS SENT ME SO YOU NEED TO SEND YOUR PICTURES AGAIN :( :( :( Im so damn sorry.

Let’s hope it doesn’t happen again :(

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Hi, I was just wondering when you would get the edits up? Sorry, I'm just curious haha :) x

I’M SO DAMN SORRY I DIDN’T DO IT EARLIER LIKE TWO DAYS AGO WHEN I SAID I WOULD :( :( :( DON’T HATE ME. I JUST… I have a hell of a lot going on.  I’ll get them up by Wednesday, August 14th.  I’ll tag each of you guys’ usernames, so be on the look out!! :) :) I love you guys :) <3 xoxooxoxoxox

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